Fastener Coatings

Xylan® Coated Studs & Nuts

Xylan® coatings are instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and durability of various components. This reliable technology safeguards against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion, while also offering superior release properties and reduced friction compared to uncoated parts. Xylan has established itself as a proven solution across multiple industries, including Oil and Gas, Automotive, and Energy Generation.

Xylan coating is created through the blending of different wear-resistant fluoropolymer composites, which are then strengthened with binder resins and additional agents. Some of the base fluoropolymer composites that form the essential characteristics of Xylan coating are:

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA)
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP)


NanoGalv® Coating

A coating system designed for corrosive and high-strength applications. NanoGalv® can be used as a drop‐in replacement for cadmium, conventional galvanize, epoxy, and PTFE coatings.

NanoGalv® has undergone extensive testing and field trials for fasteners and connectors and is currently in commercial use in offshore platforms and other coastal facilities.

NanoGalv® Technical Specifications

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