Cast Basket Strainers

Design Features

  • Strainers End connection options: Threaded (N.P.T)
  • Strainer body meets applicable ASME standard.
  • Strainer End connection options: Threaded (NPT), Socket-weld, RF, FF.
  • Strainer body meets applicable ASME standard
  • Over – the- top flow design complete with machined basket seats eliminates the possibility of dirty fluid pass-by.
  • All strainers equipped with bolted cover flanges that utilize a flat gasket seal
  • Standard basket construction is 304 SS perforated plate
  • Recommended for installation in horizontal pipelines.
  • Recommended minimum straining level is 40 microns.
  • Generous screen area and properly proportioned outer annulus minimize pressure drop while maximizing time between cleanings.

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