Isoguard Kits & Gaskets

The Isoguard sealing/isolating gasket system is designed for general applications where electrical flange isolation and corrosion control are required on pipes containing water/wastewater, gas, natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbon based medias up to 392ºF (200ºC). Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges, this system consists of a retainer with an incline-plane seal groove designed to optimize each seal’s elastic memory, in conjunction with a proven rectangular sealing element (“Quad” ring). This design guarantees low bolt load requirements and high sealing reliability. IsoGuard systems are available with a variety of retainers and seal elements. The Isoguard kit also includes sleeves and washers to streamline the ordering process of parts needed for a fully isolated flanged connection.


Available In:

  • Gasket Type: E or F
  • Seal Element: Self-Energizing “Quad” ring (EPDM, Nitrile, PTFE, Viton)
  • Gasket Retainer: G10, G11, Phenolic, G7
  • Pressure Class: Up to 1500#, AWWA, API 5K and PN 250
  • Tested to Shell and NSF 61 Certification Standards
  • Size Range: ½” through 120”+ diameter
  • Temperature Range (°F): Cryogenic-303°F (G10), -100-392°F (G11), -65-200°F (Phenolic), -100-428°F (G7)
  • Temperature Range (°C): Cryogenic-186°C (G10), -73-200°C (G11), -54-93°C (Phenolic), -54-220°C  (G7)


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